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~Fr. Sergio Mena, Pastor 


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Renew My Church

Dear Parishioners,

Surely you have already heard about the 'Renew My Church' project. 'Renew My Church' reorganizes and revitalizes ministries that animate parishes in the Archdiocese of Chicago in the light of current needs. As the Archdiocese website says for the 'Renew My Church' program: "All 'Renew My Church' efforts occur within the parish clustering process, the goal of which is to ensure that all parishes in the archdiocese have the vision, leadership, resources, and operational base necessary to create an effective evangelistic culture that makes disciples, builds communities, and inspires witness."

Why group the parishes?

  • Over many decades, the change in church attendance patterns has left many parishes with operational and financial concerns that limit their evangelism and discipleship capacities.
  • The decreasing number of priests available to serve parishes creates a need to think about our leadership model. Lay leadership that strengthens and revitalizes parish life is necessary and urgent.
  • We must arrive at a common understanding of Catholic teaching concerning evangelistic programs and processes.

The 344 parishes of the diocese have merged into 98 groupings. Within these groups, parishes will determine collaboration and unity opportunities by following a structured process of discernment, transition, and building a future together. (https://www.renewmychurch.org/parish-grouping-process/overview)

Two months ago, Bishop John Manz, our Episcopal Vicar, sent a letter to the pastors of Vicariate IV. In that letter, he indicated that the parishes of Berwyn and Cicero, as well as other suburbs and neighborhoods, would begin the process of discernment to 'Renew my Church.' This should occur in early 2021, probably during February or March.

From the beginning until mid-2021, the parish groups "will undertake the work of discerning parishes' structural possibilities" for the future. Once the local parish groups' work is complete, their recommendations will go to the Archdiocesan 'Renew My Church' committees. Finally, Cardinal Cupich will make a decision. "The Cardinal's decision on parishes' and schools' future structures is expected in November 2021 or January 2022. Any changes would take effect no later than July 1, 2022, although some changes may occur before July 1, 2022." 

Our 'Renew My Church' group consists of Our Lady of Charity, St. Leonard, and St. Mary of Czestochowa. That means we will work together to discern our parishes' future structure based on current needs and opportunities.

The process of discerning future possibilities and needs will take many factors and details into account. While our group includes St. Mary of Czestochowa and St. Leonard at this time, Bishop Manz stated in his letter that, "if the need arises, consider other possibilities beyond your currently-defined groupings."

I realize that the information provided here is general and does not cover the 'Renew My Church' initiative's full scope and breadth. However, I want you to be aware of the imminent beginning of renewal and reorganization efforts in our diocese. I will keep you posted as the 'Renew My Church' process progresses.

In his letter, Bishop Manz summarizes the main thought at the beginning of this process in this way: "We do not know what the results of the discernment process will be, but we do know that things cannot remain as they are. We also know that the Lord remains with us and that we are strong when we stay united in prayer. Prayer is the beginning, the guiding activity, and the end of all our endeavors, especially one as significant as 'Renew My Church' in our area. We pray for each other and our parishes that God will guide, govern, and direct us, and that we will cooperate with His grace as we move forward."

God bless you all,

Fr. Sergio Mena 







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